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Guangxi White

1.GuangXi white, white marble, China marble

2.Material: Marble

3.Color: white

4Size & thickness :  

   a. Tile size:

   The standard sizes are as below.(Other sizes are also available)

   305x305x12mm (12x12x1/2)      457x457x12mm (18x18x1/2)

   400x400x12mm (16x16x1/2)      300x600x12mm (12x24x1/2)

   400x400x20mm (16x16x3/4)      300x600x20mm (12x24:x3/4)

   400x600x20mm (16x24x3/4)      600X600x20mm (24x24x3/4)  

   b.Slab size:    305X125cm,125X85cm,305X85cm,305x90cm,              

                        90x125cm,245x165cm,85x165cm,85x245cm etc

5Finnal products:

   slab, tiles, countertops, monuments, tombstone, cubes, kerbs, stair way, chair, table,  sculptures etc. 

6Samples (30*30) are availbale.

If you are interested in any of our products, pls do not hesitate to contact us .

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